Special Foreign Travel Fund

The Special Foreign Travel Fund assists MSU faculty with airfare costs for  professional events outside the U.S. to present papers, deliver keynote addresses, participate in juried exhibitions, perform in major concert halls, or attend similar events. 

Guidelines and Eligibility

  • All non-visiting MSU faculty are eligible; priority is given to tenure system faculty.
  • Individuals may not receive more than one SFTF award within a 24-month period.
  • Meetings of non-U.S. professional associations are eligible for SFTF awards.
  • The SFTF is meant to supplement other funds available to faculty and must be equally matched by departmental, college and/or grant funding. Only funds used to offset airfare are considered to be matching.
  • The SFTF can only be used for airfare expenses; it cannot be used for per diem or conference costs.
  • The SFTF cannot be used for retroactive reimbursement of airfare expenses.
  • Funds must be used for the specific trip on your application, and are not carried forward. You will need to reapply for future funds.
  • If three or more faculty members from the same department or major administrative unit apply for support to attend the same meeting, the award total for all applicants cannot exceed 120% of the total round-trip cost for one person. 


Applications are reviewed three times each year, with the following deadlines:

  • February 1: for events held March through August
  • June 1: for events held July through December
  • October 1: for events held November through April


Submit the following documents to the ISP dean’s office at infonew(at)isp.msu.edu or Room 207 International Center. Applications must be complete to be considered.

  • Completed application (pdf) with signatures from college dean and department chair; please plan to seek their approval at least two weeks in advance of the deadline.
  • Invitation or letter of acceptance to event indicating the type and level of your participation.
    • If your letter of invitation or acceptance is anticipated to come shortly after the SFTF deadline, you may still submit the application; approval is contingent upon ISP receipt of the invitation/acceptance letter.

Application Review

  • The Vice Provost and Dean of ISP (or designee) will make final decisions on recipients and funding levels.
  • Application reviews will be completed no later than the 15th of the application deadline month. Applicants will be notified of the decision in writing.
  • Award recipients will receive information for using the funds upon award notification.

After Award Notification

  • Complete a travel request on the SAP Concur.
  • Direct billing to the SFTF account is not allowed. If you wish to direct bill, you must use college, departmental or grant accounts. 
  • Please read MSU's travel regulations before purchasing tickets. All travel expense reports must be accompanied by an invoice from the travel agency showing the amount actually paid for the ticket. 

Upon Return

  • Complete the SFTF Trip Report Form (pdf) and submit along with your award letter and a travel expense report on the SAP Concur.
  • Submit a copy of your SFTF Trip Report Form to International Studies and Programs at infonew(at)isp.msu.edu. Travel expense reports will not be processed until ISP receives this form.


Contact us at infonew(at)isp.msu.edu or 517-355-2350.