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Fulbright Faculty Programs

Fulbright programs are among the most prestigious and widely recognized international exchange programs in the world. Since 1946, tens of thousands of educators and other professionals have been awarded Fulbright grants to travel abroad and teach, research, and create connections. Similarly, thousands more talented individuals have leveraged Fulbright funding to come to the U.S. and enhance American institutions through their research and teaching. 

Learn more below about opportunities for MSU faculty to go abroad as Fulbright Scholars and for MSU departments to host Fulbrighters from dozens of countries.

Opportunities for Faculty

  • Fulbright offers a variety of programs for faculty, administrators, and professionals, from research and lecture positions to specialized seminars for administrators.
  • Working closely with their departments and Colleges, faculty apply for Fulbright grants independently, but are welcome to contact the MSU Fulbright Program Adviser for individual consultation.
  • Learn about specific programs on the Fulbright Faculty Resources page.

Opportunities for MSU Departments

  • There are numerous Fulbright opportunities to host Fulbright Visiting Scholars and professionals to conduct research and give instruction here at MSU.
  • Long-term (one or two semesters) and short-term (campus visit to give a lecture) programs are available.
  • Learn more at the U.S. institutions page.